Email Verification: A Few Tips

Email communications is a common way used by businesses to send their campaigns to a number of customers in a really simple way. Emails of users are obtained when the users choose to opt for these campaigns from the business websites. Clients can be trusted to give their correct email details. However, in some instances, clients may fail to do so and this leads to your email list having many invalid email addresses.  Here's a good read about bulk email verifier, check it out!

When marketing campaigns are communicated through such invalid addresses, the emailer gets email delivery failure notification. Correcting this issue is not possible. However, the occurrence of the problem can be prevented when necessary measures are in place to ensure that the clients submit valid email addresses when they are signing up for such email campaigns. How can that be done?

The easiest way to verify a client's email address is to use websites that have the capability to validate the input that the user gives during subscription. Using the appropriate web development constraints, websites can be designed to validate a field for an input that complies to the syntax of an email address. This should be the first step in any email verification process. Find out for further details on email address verification  right here. 

The step on its own, however, is not sufficient to check the validity of an email address. Although it checks the syntax of an email address, a spam bot can opt to feed inputs that comply to email address syntax but with inputs which are not actual email addresses. In such a case, sending emails to such addresses will still fail. As a result of that, there is a need to actually do a verification of the validity of an email address. Email address verifiers exist and these can be incorporated into your website to verify the truthfulness of an email address provided.

Email verification solutions work on the premise of sending an activation link to the client before their email address is approved for email campaigns. The subscriber will be required to follow a link that will be sent to their email addresses for them to opt into the subscription service. Email verification can also be done by sending a test email to an email address supplied on the website. In such a case, the emailer listens for a successful delivery report from the receiver's end. Once the delivery report is received, the email address supplied is confirmed and added to the email list.